School Supplies

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*All Grades, with exception of Pre-Kindergarten, must have two (2) black/white marble notebooks (math/writing)
Please Label All Supplies with Child’s Name
Replenish Supplies Throughout the Year As Needed


Pre-K Elementary

1 Supply Fee of $5.00 per child to be deposited to the school account for classroom use

1 book sack (no wheels) labeled with child’s name

Inside the child’s book sack, include the following information and update as necessary:

  1. Child’s Name (first initial and complete last name)
  2. School Name and Grade
  3. Bus Numbers (home and transfer if applicable)
  4. Two working telephone numbers with contact names

1 Rest mat labeled with child’s name

1 Bath size towel to be used as cover for nap time (washed on Friday/returned on Monday)

1 Pillow case to be used as a mat cover for storage (washed on Friday/returned on Monday)

1 Set of clothes for emergencies labeled with child’s name

(pants, shirt, socks, and underwear – to be replaced after use) Roll of paper towels

1 Box of Kleenex

1 Box of band-aids (Boys Purchase)

1 Pack of store brand hand wipes

1 Box of pint-size plastic bags (Boys Purchase)

1 Box of quart-size plastic bags (Girls Purchase)

1 Pack of paper plates – no Styrofoam (Girls Purchase)

1 Box of washable markers

1 Marble composition notebook

1 Pair of Fiskar scissors for kids, blunt tip for right or left hand as needed by your child

3 Packs of crayons (8 pack)

2 3 prong plastic pocket folders

5 Glue sticks

Uniform shirts, jackets and sweatshirts may be purchased or ordered from K&M Tees,

8165 Scenic Highway

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Telephone Number 225-775-7833

Uniforms are an essential part of our school. The uniform consists of the following:
Hunter green polo style shirts with the school logo
Khaki pants or shorts may be purchased from the store of your choice (also khaki shirts or jumpers for girls) ONLY Black or Brown Belt (no pink, red, yellow, etc.)
All White or All Black Tennis Shoes (NO lights, glitter, characters, or other colors) or Black or Brown leather closed oxford/loafer style shoes (No ballerina/baby doll style shoes)
Hunter Green jackets and sweatshirts for winter
Undershirts or long sleeve shirts worn under uniform MUST BE WHITE OR BLACK


1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer (Girls)

2 Black/White Composition Notebooks

1 Box Baby Wipes (Girls)

2 Large Boxes of Kleenex

2 Rolls of Paper Towels

1 Box Ziploc Bags – Gallon Size (Boys)

2 Ream Xerox Copy Paper

1 Bookbag (No Roller Bookbags)

2 Plastic Pocket Folder

1 Pair Scissors (Round Edge)

1Clorox Wipes

4 Jumbo Pencils

1 Package Multicolor Construction Paper

1 Pack Regular Pencils

1 Clorox Disinfectant

10 Elmer’s Glue Sticks

1 Package Sheet Protectors

2 Packs Jumbo Crayons – 8 basic colors No Fluorescent

$10.00 Supply Fee

First Grade

3 Boxes of Pencils (#2) No Designs

1 Box of Ziploc Bags (Gallon or Qrt. Size)

2 or 3 Boxes of Crayola Crayons

4 Packs Glue Sticks

2 Pair Scissors

2 Large Boxes of Kleenex

2 Large Rolls of Paper Towels

1 Package Multicolored Construction Paper

2 Packages of Looseleaf Paper

1 Box of Baby Wipes

4 Marble (Black/White) Notebooks

4 Plastic Pocket Folders (2 red, 2 yellow)

1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer (Not Soap)

2 Reams Xerox Copy Paper

1 Crayon Box

1 Package Sheet Protectors

1 Package of Dry Erase Markers

4 Plastic Pocket Folders (2 red, 2 yellow)

1 Pkg White Paper Plates-Boys-Lrg. Girls-Sm.

1 Pack of Index Cards (3×5)

$10.00 Supply Fee

Second Grade

1 Box Ziploc Bags (gallon girls/quart boys)

10 Elmer’s Glue Sticks

48 count #2 Pencils (Sharpened)

2 Boxes of Crayola Crayons (24 count)

1 25Pack of Sheet Protectors

2 Pair Blunt End Scissors

1 Box of Baby Wipes (Girls)

2 Packs of Erasers

2 Packages of Wide Ruled Looseleaf Paper

2 Bottles Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

3 Plastic Folders w/Prongs & Pockets (green, blue, red)

3 Rolls of Paper Towels

1 8 oz Bottle Hand Sanitizer (Not Soap) (Boys)

1 Pencil Pouch/Bag (NO boxes)

3 Boxes of Kleenex

2 Reams Xerox Copy Paper

1 book sack (no rolling book bags)

1 4-Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers (4 Basic Colors)

2 Marble Composition Notebooks (1Black & White, 1 Green)

1 Package Construction Paper (12×9)

1 Ruler (inches & cm)

1 Box of Band Aids

Index Cards (Girls)

$10.00 Supply Fee

Third Grade

1 Pack of Red Pens

(4) 48 Count #2 Pencils (NO MECHANICAL)

1 Pencil Pouch/Bag/NO BOXES 1 Lysol Wipes

7 Plastic Folders w/prongs: 2 red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, black

1 Pack of Baby Wipes

1 Ream Xerox Colored Cardstock (Girls)

2 Box Crayons 16-24 count

4 Black/White Marble Composition Notebooks

3 Pack of Paper Towels

1 Bookbag (NO ROLLER)

1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers

1 Box Crayola Markers (8-10 count Thick)

8 Glue Sticks

1 Pair Scissors

2 Cans of Lysol Spray

4 Boxes of Kleenex

1 Ziploc Bags (Boys-Gallon, Girls Sandwich)

1 Pack Sheet Protectors

3 Ream Xerox Copier Paper White

1 Pack Index Cards (3×5 only) RULED

1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer NO SOAP! (Boys)

1 Pack Hi-Liters

1 Pair of Earbuds

$10.00 Supply Fee

Please do not write names on manila folders, composition books, or markers; labels will be provided.

Fourth Grade

Package of Band-Aids

3 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

5 Black/White Composition Notebooks

8 Pocket Plastic Folders with Prongs, 1 Each In Following Colors: blue, red, orange, purple, yellow, green, black, 1 of choice

1 Packages Assorted Construction Paper

2 Bottles of Liquid Soap

1 Plastic Storage Box (Shoe Box Size)

1 Packages Index Cards (3×5)

2 Packages of Manila Folders

5 Packs of #2 Pencils

1 Pack Blue Pens

2 Febreze Spray

1 Package Crayola Markers

1 Box Jumbo Paper Clips

1 Pair Scissors

2 Boxes Crayola Crayons (16 or 24 Count)

4 Glue Sticks

1 Box of Baby Wipes

5 Rolls Paper Towels

5 Boxes of Kleenex

1 Boxes Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags

2 Box Ziploc Bags Gallon Size

4 Reams Xerox Copy Paper

1 Lysol Spray

1 Bottle of Fabuloso Multi Use Lavender Scent (32 oz Spray Bottle)

Wide-Ruled Looseleaf Paper Secured in Folders w/prongs

2 Package of Dry Erase Markers

1 Bottle of Fantastik Spray Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner

2 Package Clorox Wiper

$10.00 Supply Fee

Please do not write student’s name on pocket folders, manila folders, or plastic shoe box; labels will be provided. Please, however, label all other supplies.

Fifth Grade

4 Packages Clorox Wipes

1 Green Pocket Folder with Prongs

2 Black/White Composition Notebooks

1 Package of Colored Pencils

1 Highlighter

6 Rolls of Paper Towels

8 Boxes of Kleenex

2 1-Subject Notebooks

2 Packs of Post-It Notes (Various Colors)

3 Large Packs of Looseleaf Paper

24 #2 Pencils

2 Boxes Small Ziploc Bags (Girls)

1 4-Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers

4 Reams Copy Paper

1 Pair Scissors

4 Glue Sticks

2 Bottles Hand Sanitizer (12 oz)

2 Boxes Large Ziploc Bags (Boys)

$10.00 Supply Fee

Sixth Grade

1 3 inch Binder

1 pk.of Dividers

3 Boxes of Kleenex

2 Rolls of Paper Towels

4 24 count pkg. of pencils

1 Pencil Bag

1 Pair of Earbuds (labeled in Ziplock bag for Computer programs)

2 pk. of color pencils

1 pk. of yellow highlighters

1 Handheld pencil sharpener with cap

3 Packs of loose leaf paper (College Rule)

2 Marble Composition notebooks

2 3-prong plastic pocket folder (1 Green and 1 Yellow)

1 5-subject spiral notebook (Yellow or Green)

1 pk. of index cards

1 Bottle of Hand sanitizer or (1)pk. Of Lysol/Clorox Wipes

2 Packs of Copy Paper

1 4 pk. Of glue sticks

1 Pair Scissors

1 Calculator

1 Rolls Scotch Tape

1 pk. of EXPO Dry Erase markers (thick)