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The J.K. Haynes Charter Schools Incorporated was the vision of Baton Rouge attorney, businessman and educator, the late A. Maurice Haynes. As a pioneer of the charter school movement in Louisiana, he started the elementary school in 1997 with the goal of providing children with a comprehensive, quality education. He continued the legacy of his father, the late Dr. John Kermit Haynes, Sr., affectionately known as “J.K.”.

J.K. was a legendary civil rights leader, educator, and strong voice for equal educational opportunities for al children regardless of race.

His vision was to create model schools which would enhance the basic core curriculum and emphasize problem-solving and communication skills, while maintaining a child-centered environment. Mr. Haynes said he wanted to “produce self-confident thinkers and build leaders for tomorrow.”

His vision continues to grow as J.K. Haynes students strive academically and socially, ultimately leading to their success.